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April 13 2018


WhatsApp's desktop app for Mac and Windows is identical to WhatsApp Web

"Today we're presenting a work area application so you have another approach to keep in contact whenever and anyplace - whether on your telephone or PC at home or work," WhatsApp said in a blog entry. 

Before you get excessively energized, don't. WhatsApp's new application is almost indistinguishable to the program based whatsapp web customer, and just mirrors discussions and messages from cell phones, which implies you'll require your cell phone close-by with a specific end goal to utilize it. 

Be that as it may, as the application runs locally on the work area, there's the special reward of work area warnings and better console easy routes. 

whatsapp web for pc

The WhatsApp work area applications, much the same as the Web customer, expect you to examine a QR code utilizing the application on the cell phone. Once you've introduced the most recent rendition of WhatsApp, go to Settings > WhatsApp Web > whatsapp web for pc

WhatsApp's work area application is accessible to download now at the association's site. We could download without issues on a MacBook, yet some have revealed that the download website times out when endeavoring to introduce the application on Windows. 

WhatsApp's hasn't just been chipping away at a work area application, as per gossipy tidbits. Spilled screen captures propose that the firm intends to reveal another video-calling highlight to the Android and iOS applications. 

whatsapp web

These screen captures come graciousness of PhoneRadar and demonstrate a beta adaptation of WhatsApp's portable application with a Facebook Messenger-style camera symbol in the upper right corner of the visit window. 

It likewise demonstrates another Video Call choice in WhatsApp's rundown of availability choices. µ

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